Recommendations for new AVR - £800 (or less!), output to TV and projector


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My current setup is as follows.

  • Sky Q
  • xBox (currently xBox One, will upgrade to a next-gen console next year)
  • Netflix, Prime etc. - either via the xBox, Sky or Sony TV apps
  • Epson 9400W + 5.1 surround speakers (via AVR)
  • Sony 55" 9505 + Sonos Beam (via ARC)
AVR / switching
  • AVR: Pioneer LX55 (no 4K passthrough)
  • I use the Epson "wireless transmitter" as an HDMI switch
    • Audio output via Optical to the LX55
    • Video output wired to the PJ via a CAT6 extender
    • I had intended an HDMI output splitter (to TV and PJ) but as you'll see, this solution isn't working, even before the splitter is introduced
The Epson transmitter was doing the job, saving me from having to buy a new AVR but I've recently added the Sony + Sonos. The Sony doesn't play well with the Epson switch and Sonos (when all plugged in). At the moment, I need to plug the source into the TV directly (bypassing the Epson) to get it working.

I think the solution is to bite the bullet and buy a new AVR. Sky Q and xBox inputs into the AVR and 2 output options, wired to the TV and PJ. I don't need different outputs shown at the same time i.e. we won't be watching the TV and using the PJ at the same time. I need the Sonos as the 5.1 speakers are setup for the PJ and totally wrong positions for the TV.

I want to simplify the setup for the family (fewer remotes and connections) and have it all plug and play (just needs to work well).

I've been looking at the Denon AVRX3600 - good option or any other suggestions? Will this achieve what I'm after i.e. don't want to spend the money and find that I have connectivity issues!



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Hmm, my rambling post may have lost / bored people. Any ideas on this?

  • Inputs: Sky Q & xBox
  • Outputs: 2 zones - 1 to the projector, 1 to the Sony TV
The PJ has 5.1 setup, TV has a Sonos Beam.

Would like it all to play nicely and pretty easy for the family to use.


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I don't know at what point spending more on a receiver will gain any results. From what I read I don't know whether going much past £500 will see any improvements from subscription tv sources.

Open to hear what others say/have experienced.

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