Recommendations for mesh SKY Q network?


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Hi, is anyone able to recommend a good mesh wi-fi setup that works with Sky Q?

I am able to get good download speeds 90mb+ but wi-fi keeps dropping out. We don't have a huge number of devices connected (possibly 25 or so). Not sure if the dropouts are interference or just poor performance from the Sky router, but we previously had Virgin which didn't seemingly suffer as many problems.

We live in a 1926 build with 4 bedrooms.



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HI.... I use Netgear’s Orbi mesh network. 1x main (downstairs) and 1 x satellite (upstairs). I switch WiFi off on sky router and let the Orbi do the duties. My house is approx 1650m squared and I don’t have anywhere that it doesn’t give great coverage both 2.4 and 5ghz. I also use an Ethernet hub eg Sky router to Orbi.... Orbi to hub as I like to hardwire TV and Processor in addition to the Q box.

Got mine on Prime day couple of years ago at a good price and haven’t looked back. The app is easy to use and gives you good info re performance, what ghz network each device is connected to (I have 15 separate devices on WiFi) and is a doddle to upgrade firmware. You can also set up a separate guest network if you don’t want to give your password out to anyone staying.

As far as I can remember I’ve never had a drop out except when Sky router has gone down itself. Hope this helps.


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You are absolutely right... :facepalm: I’d like to say I’m suffering from delusions of grandeur but even that is pushing it!! Yes I meant feet... that said Orbi is still great:smashin:

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