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Recommendations for jeans


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I understand this may split opinions but I am looking for recommendations for jeans. For many people jeans are jeans, others are label tarts, personally I'm quite fussy with jeans but I just like jeans that look and feel right regardless of cost or whether they're are 'in'.

I don't like old man jeans (the kind that Jeremy Clarkson would wear)
I don't like ones with loads of pockets, built in belts and the like
I don't like 'distressed' look
I don't like any unnecessary detailing

I do like a dark blue uniform coloured denim
I do like a modern cut, that tappers towards the foot (not to be confused with skinny!)

I'm not too fixed on budget, I'm no snob and generally my jeans cost around £40 but that said I've no problem paying up to around £150 for the right pair. That said I don't want to fork out for a label for the sake of it, in fact I hate most labels and but if a label has a name because it is cut really well and lasts that is the kind I am happy to pay for.

I've actually got a pair of cheap jeans from gap I really like that have some sort of finish over the denim which I love the look of but this fades and after 6 months they don't have that sharp look I like, I keep buying them but would like something similar that lasts.

I bought a pair from Diesel and ended up taking them back, the cut just wasn't that great for the price.

I don't really like brands which are just labels for the sake of it and just make any old rubbish and charge because it has their name on. I think I'll have to check out some Levi jeans as I've not tried a pair in years, perhaps there is some Japanese jeans that are quite cool and not so well know?

Any suggestions please?


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All I wear is diesel these days as they fit me really well, are heavy quality, long lasting denim and look great. They tend to fit on the waist as well, hipster style and not too high waisted.
Plenty of different styles and washes as well


Personal preferences as we seem to have similar likes......

For smarter, dressier jeans - 7 for All Mankind (specifically the 'Austyn' style) - Would buy these again in an instant. Two years old and still look fresh, without a doubt my favourite pair. Bought in the US, but now available over here, the $rate made it a little less painful

For day to day wear - Diesel, never had a bad pair over the years and can be picked up cheaply at TK Maxx if you are fortunate.

For an expensive mistake - True Religion (now relegated as daily jeans, even though they cost around the same as the '7's' but IMO not the same quality cut or denim. The hems wore through really quickly.

Would like to try some of the Japanese selvedge denim, like Edwin - Maybe next time.

I'm not gullible enough to drop £00's on a pair of PRPS which seems obscenely expensive for a pair of jeans.


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I had a pair of Diesel years ago I loved so went and got a pair recently, I really wanted to like them and they were good in many respects but they had a weird bagginess at the front which wasn't flattering.

I've just been looking at these http://www.nudiejeans.com/shop/jeans/s/1#filter={125:[426],155:[824],196:[1144]} it's so hard these days to really get a feel for the of the fit since it is no longer just straight, narrow, boot, skinny, they seem to have a whole range in between and it is hard to tell how the ones on a skinny model will translate. I've got quite chunky legs and want a jean that is flattering but not one I have to peel off!

If straight leg was scale 5 and full on skinny Jean was a 1 I really alike about a 4. The kind of cut if you went in to M&S they'd just call modern but in some hipster shop they can easily get a different idea of what you mean.


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Does all denim fit snug when they've just been washed and then hang off your backside a day later or is that just the cheap stuff?.


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I hadn't spent big on jeans in w while but was finding it hard get any that fit. Tried some levis and they were perfect. Cost me 65 .

Monty Nine

Prominent Member
I only ever buy jeans from Next. Quality and style for 40 quid.


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I've got a couple of pairs of Calvin Klein jeans that sound exactly as you are describing. They weren't expensive, around £40 a pair from either M&M or get the label.com (can't remember which), and they look good with either trainers or shoes too.

As you can't try them on first, I tend to order several different pairs at a time then just send back the ones I don't like.


Distinguished Member
You can't really go wrong with Next. I often buy the next own brand jeans but they also sell Diesel Jeans.

If I had the choice then I'd buy Diesel but when you've got a Wife that likes to spend and two hungry Kids, it's not an option. The standard Next jeans do me OK.

They have such a huge range at Next, you can always order 10 pairs of Jeans and return the types that you don't like, I often do this. I can't stand going to the actual shops.

Monty Nine

Prominent Member
Boot cut Next only


Moderator/Games Reviewer
Levis 508. I did exactly the same search and those are the jeans I settled on. Great fit.


Distinguished Member
Uniqlo are definitely worth a look to see if they suit you. I like Lucky Brand but I usually stock up abroad as they weren't available over here last I looked. Edwin make some great jeans too, I've had a couple of pairs that have lasted years and years and they age very well.

I was looking for a new pair the other day and considering these:

Cottonopolis 901 Tapered Deseamed MKII (Dry 13.75oz Japanese Selv | Oi Polloi

Edwin ED-39 Regular (Dry 14oz Red Selvage Denim) | Oi Polloi

Lee 101 Z (Dry 13.75oz LH Indigo Denim ) | Oi Polloi

Too many nice jeans around at the moment :facepalm:


Surprised at so much support for Next.
Even at £40 I would say they're over-priced.
You'll get as good quality and choice as Next from the likes of Burtons for £20.
I find all Next stuff over-priced for the quality these days, but people like the convenience of their big out of town stores and catalogue, so they pay over the odds in their droves.
I say this as someone who used to do exactly the same, lazily resorting to their catalogue.
I've now rebelled against Next and will not give them any business.
If I want a cheap pair of jeans, I'll go to Burtons.
If I want harder wearing or smarter, I buy Levis.


Check out the various Levi options. Different shapes etc. I find they are the best mix of smart, well cut and quality.


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Having lost a fair bit of weight on quite an extreme diet I got cocky and bought a load of jeans before settling on the size up.

1969 slim fit jeans (resin rinse wash) | Gap

These are currently my 'go to' cheaper jean I mentioned which I really like, it is the 'resin finish' that makes them look so sharp which I like but is also the reason they don't keep that look as it wears off after a about 6 months and they just don't look as good.

I'd love to find a pair that just stay like that.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far.


Distinguished Member
I miss being able to get a slight 'more than boot cut' flare to my jeans. Not ridiculously out but just a bit baggy at the boot/shoe area and fairly straight hip sitting near the top.

With plenty of ball space, hate hip jeans that leave your balls right up at your belly button.


John Lewis were doing 20% off Levis the other day, which took the prices down to nice levels.
£56 for a pair of Levis isn't too shabby.


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I like brands like Levi, brands with a history in the product they make. If I want designer sunglasses for example I like Persol, what I can't stand is when brands for brands sake just stick their name on a product that has nothing to do with them.

I don't mind paying for excellence, for example I paid for a Mackintosh, they just do their thing' most labels make me cringe though.


what I can't stand is when brands for brands sake just stick their name on a product that has nothing to do with them.

Like with watches.
IMO, anyone spending decent money on a watch by Diesel/D+G etc is a mentalist.
It's just a generic watch with a brand name stamped on it.
Spend your money with a company who actually make watches.


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Exactly, for me it actually makes a product worse, may as well say 'mug' on it. People actually pay a premium to look like a tit.

I like brands that got a name through excellence, not because they cost a lot. It's a shame because a lot of brands once did get their name through excellence but diversify too much and become a name for the sake of it.

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