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I'm looking to get my other half a pair of headphones, she's going to be using them primarily to watch movies/tv on her laptop, nothing special, 2.1 sound. She'll probably use them for her itunes/iphone and possibly for the ps3.

I'm thinking closed headphones will be best for her as there's always alot of background activity going on, one of the reasons she wants them in the first place to blank everyone else out. The only other concern for me would be comfort, obviously if your watching a film for 3 hours, she'll need a very comfy pair. Most importantly, they have to be pink! j/k

I'm budgeting around £100-£150 but willing to go either way under special circumstances, heavily recommended etc.. At the end of the day I don't think the sound quality will be a major issue for what she needs it for, aslong as it's "good" but most importantly comfortable and closed.

Any help greatly appreciated


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If sound quality is not a major issue why spend so much? A pair of Sennheiser HD201's will do the job for £15 from Amazon.


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There are 'fashion' brands that will do pink phones, but they will be junk. Don't bother spending that much money if looks are more important than sound.

All women know that black goes with everything.


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Sorry, to clarify the pink thing was a joke. Just looked at the reviews for the Sennheiser HD201 and they sound superb. I guess I should have said £1-150, as I know nothing of headphones I figured just stating what I'm willing to spend would help identify a suitable pair. I really do like the sound of the Sennheiser HD201's. So unless anyone has other comments on this I'll go for these and spend the rest of something else :)


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I have just recently purchased a Samsung Chromebook and decided to get some headphones to boost the experience. I will say that up until now I have only ever bought Bose products... how wrong I was!

I purchased a set of JVC HA-S650 Carbon Headphones - Black ( - PC World are selling these for £59.99 at the moment 08/12/11.

I found the sound quality to be excellent, deep base delivered in contrast with high pitch sounds and the padding around the actual headphone, although not as comfy as competitors does certainly reduce any ambient background noises.

A great product - Would certainly recommend!

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