Recommendations for Cyrus 6 set up



Hey all,

I'm upgrading my hi-fi shortly, and have pretty much decided on a cyrus 6 integrated amp + cd.

Where I'm not too sure tho, is on the subject of speakers, and also (probably moreso) interconnects + speaker cable.
I've got the Quad 12L's in mind. They seem to get a good write up from pretty much everyonein the mags + on this site. My possible alternatives (recommended to me by the manager of the shop I'm going to demo some of this kit in soon) are the Dynaudio Audience 42's.

Cable wise, going purely on a recommendation or two in What hi-Fi, I'd thought about the Atlas Voyager interconnets and Merlin speaker cable. However ... the said shop manager reckons that the Chord interconnects work best with a Cyrus. He sounded like a pretty knowledgabe chap,and the Chord interconnects seem to be spoken of favourably from what I've seen. He deals with Cyrus kit all the time and reckons that these are deffo the best. I don't think he stocks the Atlas stuff though, so I was just wondering if anyone had tried various options with the cyrus kit?

Anyone here have any thoughts on this combo ... or another alternative not mentioned here.

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