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Recommendations for components please


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Our modest sized kitchen is currently being extended into a large sitting/dining/kitchen area and I'm looking to install a "reasonable" AV system in the sitting area, with a separate TV in the kitchen.

I've already purchased a 50" Panasonic TX-P50GT60 3D Full HD Plasma (one of the last demo models available at my local Sevenoaks) and I'm thinking of getting a Monitor Audio ASB-2 soundbar. The plasma will be wall mounted in the sitting area with the soundbar wall mounted below it. I confess, I'm a little concerned about how big the ASB-2 is and how much it is likely to protrude from the wall, compared to the slimline Panasonic TV!

To the right of the wall mounted components, in a corner, will be a small cabinet, containing the following:

Sky+ HD box (additional multiscreen box to compliment the one already in the lounge)
Playstation 4
Wireless router with 4 port gigabit switch
Sonos Connect - stream music through the soundbar
(Possible future subwoofer depending on the bass produced by the soundbar)

Also, to enable the 2nd smaller TV in the kitchen to get a HD quality Sky picture I'm looking to use a HDMI splitter to take the Sky+ HD signal and split it between the two TV's. Because the 2nd TV is about 10m from the Sky+ HD box I will need to run about 17m cable and so will use a HDMI extender over cat6 with IR's.

In terms of wall sockets, I'm looking to fit a power socket behind each TV, but need to ensure this is a slim one for the plasma as the bracket will fit it very close to the wall (possibly require a fused spur with switch, rather than a socket for a plug). I was hoping to share the same socket for the soundbar and the TV. There are a number of HDMI cables and digital cable and possibly an RCA cable going to the soundbar, so considered using an "open" type wall socket to allow all cables to come through the back of the plasterboard.

Here's a diagram showing the connections I expect to make:

Kitchen AV System.jpg

I would appreciate your comments on the setup:
- Am I missing anything?
- Suggested kit for HDMI splitter and extender
- Reviews of Monitor Audio ASB-2



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Overnight, I thought of some positives and negatives for this setup.
  • There are a lot of cables running through the wall to the ASB-2 as this is acting as the "AV Receiver/HDMI switch". This wouldn't be an issue if I used something like the Sonos playbar and sub (I think the sub would definitely be required in this setup as I don't believe the playbar is as good as the ASB-2, according to the reviews I've read, but it is smaller and neater and requires fewer connections, however, the HDMI connections would then have to go to the TV!).
  • The ASB-2 is big and stands a long way off the wall.
  • Thanks to the new Sky+ HD boxes not having an RF out, there will be no coaxial cable directly to the main TV, which would have provided a means of watching digital freeview on the main TV, while a Sky channel is viewed on the 2nd TV.
  • To listen to streamed music through the Sonos connect, it would be necessary to manually switch the input on the ASB-2. This wouldn't be the case if I got a Sonos playbar (at least I don't think it would).
  • I already have Monitor Audio speakers connected to my main surround system in the lounge and they are excellent. This is the main reason for going with the ASB-2.
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