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Recommendations for cheap 35mm film developing?


Active Member
Hi there.

I have just found 13 rolls of 35mm undeveloped film in my loft.

Can anyone recommend anywhere cheap to have it developed?

Thanks very much.


Distinguished Member
Not sure but try Max Spielmann... And maybe can Jessops and all of they do it!

Photo express also do it


bag head

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Late to the party but cheap film processing doesn't exist any more.
Never had any problems here though


Distinguished Member
Do you know if/when they were taken? Were they taken by you? . any ideas of the subject(s)?
How do you know the films are needing only processing?
If these images have family/historical value, then beware of letting them out of your sight ( like posting). Only process one reel at a time, as this may suggest if the passage of time has changed the latent images - which may be compensated in the development....but only if this service is offered. Be prepared to get rather faded films which if colour will almost certainly have nasty colour-shifts.
It's quite possible the aforementioned shop is closed due to COVID19 - but keep the films in moderate temperatures (NOT in the LOFT )- temperature range is excessive. Avoid humidity and sunlight--- wrapped in a black cotton bag with each in a snap-top film-tub and the whole put in a snap-lid food container.
If the films were in sealed snap-lid "film-tubs" and were exposed correctly, there is a reasonable chance they will develop - but getting a good print may yet be a further issue. "Colour" adds another huge risk factor...
Like Old Wine, - may be better to keep them unopened.

Good luck.


Novice Member
you cant go by simple price.. ive done that route, and have dealt with film that was mid process in an automated system when it was turned off for the day.. had film that was developed with expired chemicals,,, even have film that was processed with the WRONG chemicals... even had a few rolls of color film that were developed with black and white film i sent in.

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