Question Recommendations for Blackout Shades in New Theater Room


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Apparently, I have been gone long enough the forum deleted my old account!

Anyway, I just bought a new home and have to rebuild my theater room (Yay! New equipment!). One issue I'm running into is a large window in my theater room. I'm setting up my Epson 5040UB projector with a large image (140"+) in what will be a dark painted room. My old room had a window, but it looked over the neighbor's house, so I had no issues with installing some foam board to block out the light and covering it with some curtains. The windows in my new room let a lot of light into our upstairs hallway and have an incredible view of the wetlands behind the house. I want to be able to open the windows up when the theater is not in use, but I also need something that blocks all of the light so it doesn't wash out my projector image. I've had some disappointing experiences with "blackout" shades in other applications, so before I dig too deep, I thought I'd see what some folks on here had been using. It's not a requirement, but motorized shades would be nice!

Thanks for any help or advice you can provide!


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Bloc Blinds offer manual and motorized options.

I may still buy some for my room if i feel they are needed. I do not have a projector. They advise having the windows fully closed when using the blinds. My room becomes too hot when the windows are fully closed. I may still invest in some Bloc Blinds if i decide to get air conditioning.

Hope this helps.


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Perhaps a velvet curtain, using curved rails in the ceiling?

MVEL22 is recommended for anti-reflection (a type of micro velvet in polyester, comparable to a very dark velvet; devore.).
You´ll need a second layer of a thicker/denser fabric that blocks external light from the window coming in.

pepe_monty (eBay) and Tia Knight Fabrics sell MVEL22 by metre, although they´re temporarily out of stock.
Tissu Fabrics sells other colours; unsure if they have or will stock black MVEL22.
Doing a bit of research myself...

Devore is a more expensive option, and perhaps thick enough (cotton velvet).
Saw criticism of it being harder to work with than MVEL22 and directional in appearance.
Comparison in darkness, with MVEL22.
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Tia Knight Fabrics now stock MVEL22,
as well as Pepe Monty, on eBay.
International delivery.

Cost: £8 and £10 per meter, respectively.

I´ve linked directly to product pages.

TKF stocks the ´Crown 5000´, and does not have the 25 m order limit from Pepe Monty.
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