Recommendations For Best TV Under £500?


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Hi all. Hoping to purchase a new TV this week for my father and just want to get some opinions here on what the best TV would be for the price. The TV will be mainly used for watching Freeview HD though a Sky Q mini box will likely be added to it as well in the future. Preferably after a 43". Any bigger would not fit the space sadly.

For the Freeview side, it would be preferable if the software allowed the reordering of channels and had a simple TV guide, so you highlight the programme, press OK / select and it comes on full screen, no extra pop-ups or steps just to get tuning in a channel. (My father is an older gentleman who is very OCD and isn't technically minded so keeping it as easy to use and operating like his old TV as much as possible is a priority for me!)

It would also be nice is the TV had legs on either end rather than a thick stand in the middle as the small DVD player and potential Sky receiver would hopefully sit nicely under it as space is limited. I knew these are very specific requests but I'm buying for someone who has specific requirements and I'll never hear the end of it if it isn't "right" - no "thanks for the new TV son! :rotfl:

Thanks for any advice offered, and yes, I'm sure someone will post "don't buy one, let him get it himself!"
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What TV are you replacing?

From what you say your father would not be specifically interested in 4K/HDR sources?

If so then stick to 43" where there are still a couple of models that are full HD (1080x1920) rather than 4K. Whilst some of the more expensive 49/50" models are rated as good at upscaling HD and even SD (including DVD's) a "Full HD" model will display these better.

BTW I would guess I may be older than your Dad but have been a TV freak from the age of 7!


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My father never remembers about the basic HD sources let alone 4K which is why he prefers to have BBC 1 HD on 1 etc. for Freeview so he doesn't have to remember its 101 and is still able to go CHUP and CHDOWN through the ones he watches the most - that's why he wants the renumbering feature on the TV. Probably also just so I won't have to remind him all the time that what he is watching is available in better picture quality but half the time he'll complain he doesn't notice the difference. I think he does but just doesn't want to admit it!

My father is in his mid-60's and just doesn't do technology in the slightest. Getting him a mobile phone so he could be contacted and chat to people independently instead of having to go through us was its own saga!

The space only really suits a 43" TV but at a push a 50". If Sky wasn't brought into the room I think having a smart TV would still be a requirement and he won't be the only one using it, so I'd prefer to have it as a 4K/HDR TV so it's a bit more future proofed. The prices for some models doesn't seem to be that much different between non 4K and 4K models so it seems more sensible to get the 4K version to me.


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Not for HDR but for just broadcast tv should be OK



I went through the same thought process and narrowed down to the Samsung 50TU8500 or the Hisense 50U7QFTUK. I ended up buying the 49XH8505 from the Sony refurb centre for £479 but I would recommend the Hisense for you given that it is currently £499 with a 5yr warranty from Currys.

The Hisense has good specs for HDR, and has high specs for such a low price. Review on this site is here.

Only issue is that I don't use Freeview, so can't comment on any TV for that :(


Go for a HD model so there's no extra upscaling required. Will be pretty bad showing SD channels on an UHD TV, especially with two steps of upscaling. Although there's an argument to be made if he isn't technically minded, and if the TV is small enough he may not notice.

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