Recommendations for an external Hard Drive suitable for a Panasonic 32 Inch TX-32E302B


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Feb 15, 2020
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KIngs Lynn
Hi all,

I've had my 32" TV for about 6 months and I am now considering buying an external Hard Drive, but have no idea what type is suitable?

Trying to be clever, I thought I would just stick a 16gb USB into the USB socket to see what would happen. Doh! It wasn't recognised for recording. So, I reluctantly got the handbook out and all it says is the external hard drive which is a least 160gb and with an external power plug. Oh. Sounds easy enough. Or so I thought.

So I've started looking on the web, and there's thousands (OK maybe i'm exaggerating), of external HDD, mostly which are plug and play without the need for an external power adaptor (maybe because they are only for computers and laptops.)

So Digging deeper, I searched 'HDD suitable for Panasonic Smart TV's' and it appears that the 'WD My-Book' and a particular 'Buffalo' model are the 'go to's' but this information comes from suggestions going back years. Is this still the case? Forum readers say you can deviate from these models, which some people have had success with and some people have ended up with a dud unit they've had to return. I don't want to be taking the risks of 'lucky dips'.

And the conversations on how and what type to format to - FAT32, NFTS, 1 sector, 4gb recording limits ..... is even more mind boggling.

So, to cut a long story short, can anyone offer some simple and accurate advice on how to go about shopping for an external hard drive that will record from an up to date Panasonic Smart 32" TV. (Suppliers? Models? Does it need an external power source? Do I have to format it a particular way before use?)

I've found this Buffalo Option ,that has a power adaptor, and is a decent price for the storage size - but all the reviews seem to refer to laptops and Xbox's.
When going onto the Western Digitial webpage, I have five pages of external HDD's ranging from £28 to £4,481 to choose from!

Unfortunately, Panasonic customer services (telephone and web-chat) don't open at weekends. That's the icing on the cake. Frustrating! You're my only hope in untangling this issue!

I'm no computer whizz-kid, but neither am I completely clueless on technology. Panasonic seem to have a feature built into the smart TV's to record, but because they don't support it with their own branded HDD's they seem, to me, to be really vague on compatibility options.

So if anyone can come up with some useful recommendations or even lead me on the correct path, I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance,


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