Recommendations for album artwork websites.


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Giving my music files an update and one of the area's sorely in need of TLC is the artwork dept.

My usual source for artwork is basically a google image search but I don't often find good high quality pictures - can anyone recommend sites that offer decent sized cd artwork images (say 600 x 600 pixels and above). One thing that really bugs me is non-square images, I can't stand seeing a white line added to the artowrk screen on my iPhone! :rolleyes:

I found one by accident last night (can't remember the name so I'll post it when I get home tonight), but the amount of covers available isn't all that extensive.

Recommendations appreciated.



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Why dont you scan your covers ?


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I don't have a scanner...


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I use "Album Art Downloader" - it searches several sites (I think it's "Album Art Exchange" that seems to give the best results for about the 600x600 size). Hunt around - there's a few similar applications that search out covers for you.


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I get all mine from Amazon where they are 500x500, which is large enough for my needs


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The forum sticky has a link containing relevant programs

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