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I'm looking for a new web hosting provider. I've been with 1&1 for 7 years and upgraded a few days ago from their Standard to Unlimited package.I use my hosting for photo gallaries and videos for friends and family for various domains. None have a proper website. The other purpose to backup critical data: photos, videos, important documents and my Outlook .pst file.

When I upgraded 1&1 said I had to transfer my files myself as they won't do it. I had 50Gb of data and traffic is very light. But when I tried to upload my FTP client kept reporting that the quota had been exceeded. Contacted technical support who told me you actually get 30Gb which increases by 1Gb once you reach the maximum. Hardly unlimited is it? Anyway it wasn't increasing the quota and after it was escalated to 2nd line support they told me that I can't use my webspace to store any private data as a backup or otherwise. Even though I'd been storing my data for 7 years in this way.

Anyway, 1&1 refuse to increase my quota so I'm looking for a new hosting provider. I would prefer a UK based company that allows me to use it to backup personal data. Also I have 8 domains which have been registered with Network Solutions and another registrar. I would like to be able to use hosting with no additional charges with all of them. Also I'd like spam filtering at server level and webmail access to POP email accounts at my domains.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I looked at UK2 today and I spoke to them and they said that storing personal backup data is no problem. My only reservations is that their pricing did not seem transaparent and there seemed to be lots of extra charges on top of the basic hosting fee.

Hope someone can help!

Many thanks!


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I use Heart Internet for all my hosting, both personal & for my client sites. The only problem is though the amount of domains you have hosted.

Heart for example, on a hosting account, the maximum is 3 sites. Or you pay for reseller account and be able to have as many as you like in separate hosting accounts. This is the only real option with Heart but will cost you.. £35pm IIRC

Another option is FastHosts. I was going to use these when I started building client sites and was going to use the reseller account and probably still will in the future but my needs are less and it means paying more. FastHosts are a bit cheaper for the Reseller advanced one ( the only option as the standard allows 10 domains but has a 20gb limit. )

This help any?



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Cheers Ryan - I apprecaite it. I'll look into them. Do FastHost's use their Datacentres and are they based in the UK? Not looking to pay as much as £35 a month.

Out of interest what is the general opinion of 1&1? Its been one of these things that was always fine until I upgraded and hadn't had the need to look elsewhere.


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AFAIK, Fasthosts like Heart are UK based DC's..

Ive got a site hosted with 1 & 1 because the company already had email with them and couldn't loose it to move so I hosted the site with them as well.

The actual hosting is fine but the email is so temperamental and is a PITA tbh. I also found their helplines terrible espec compared to Heart and Fasthosts. Surprising really as I think 1&1 gets shown as best for most webhosting comparisons.

Ive used heart for the last couple of years and got 3 sites with them atm and no problems what so ever with it.

Good luck in the mindfield! If it was me, I think I would be looking at Fasthosts reseller advanced account to host it all. Just need to configure the domains to point to the change of hosting server and new hosting packages for them all!



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I have to agree about 1&1 Tech Support. Half the emails I receive from them don't even make sense and I can barely understand them when I call them. Think I'll need to call Fasthosts in the morning.

Just spoke to UK2. They've given me conflicting information. First person I spoke to said hosting personal backup data is fine the second said it was a breach of their T&Cs. Also they have alot of hidden charges. You only get unlimited email accounts on domains you register with them. You don't even get email hosting with their Personal or Business hosting packages. You have pay for domain hosting for each domain name for that.
So they are completely out of the question.

Glad you appreciate its a minefield!


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Get a dedicated server and do with it as you please :thumbsup: Kimsufi - your range of dedicated servers from £6.99 p/m ! they come with 5Tb of monthly traffic which you will be hrd pushed to get through for personal needs. There are plenty of companies like this and if you install a control panel you can do what you want. Might be a little bit of a learning curve at the start mind.

Edit - I migh also add they do web hosting and ive used them before they are great all round. The uptime is one of the more impressive ive dealt with and the customer support is as it should be.
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I recommended UK-US Hosting to someone on here a while ago - and I still stand by them. They always help me when I need thing moved, installed etc. They dont restrict me - so they get my recommendation Web Hosting and Web Design


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I recommended UK-US Hosting to someone on here a while ago
considering this is your first post here... how did you do that??? unless you are connected to the company in some way and it was deleted for advertising or you were advertising the services via PM?


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