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I currently have a Yamaha RX-V1067 receiver that I bought second hand from these forums just under 10 years ago and still works as well as the day I bought it. Great receiver. However lots has changed since then and I have finally upgraded to 4K and would like a new receiver capable of working with 4K, Dolby Vision and Atmos to pair with my KEF T Series speakers and my Sony XH90 TV.

I don't care about HDMI 2.1 as my TV has iffy support for it currently which may or may not ever be fixed.

So are there any older flagship models of receiver that people will be selling off to upgrade to the latest and greatest people could recommend to me?



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There are some 4k compatible AVRs for sale now in the Classified section.

I would suggest as a very useful source for comparing models.


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I had similar requirements to you and recently ended up getting a second-hand Denon X4400H. My logic was roughly:
  • Denon/Marantz seems to be the "safe" choice recommended across multiple forums
  • Marantz cost more for dubious benefits in sound quality and have silly tiny displays
  • I wanted eARC, Dolby Vision compatibility and Audyssey MultEQ XT32 that will work with the Audyssey editor app.
  • That left me with, for sensible money, the X3400H or X4400H or one of the later models in the same lines. The difference of 3 vs 4 seems to be a miniscule amount of extra power, a two-line display on the 4 and some obscure processing options that may or may not improve the sound quality.

I've been running the Denon for a few weeks now and playing with Audyssey curves and such like and am really pleased with it. On the negatives, it runs crazily hot so needs plenty of space around it and the remote control app (separate from the Audyssey one) is a bit crap. Overall, I would definitely recommend one.

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