recommendations for a top 2nd hand VCR


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I'm in the market for a top 2nd hand VCR, and was wondering what models to look out for. I would prefer something by Pioneer, Toshiba or Philips, and have a fair amount to spend. I need something long lasting and well built, as well as the usual requirements of good picture and sound quality. VCRs are pretty cheap now, so recommend me something really good!


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I would prefer something by Pioneer, Toshiba or Philips

Pioneer don't market VCRs (not in the UK anyway), the last Toshiba series of VCRs were using Samsung decks and the last Philips badged models were cheap and cheerful Funais.
The only decent 2nd hand machines worth looking out for are JVC and Panasonics.


I was a very lucky bunny, as I was recently able to aquire a new JVC VCR, and a secondhand Panasonic VCR, on ebay. I'm suprised how noisy and clunky the JVC sounds, given that it was £150 when first on the market. I have put some pieces of stiff foam underneath, to try and muffle it a bit.

There are VCR's still in the shops but for decent quality ebay is the best place to go.


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OK this seems to have turned into a classified ad for 2nd hand equipment. And this is not the right part of the forum, so a couple of posts have been removed, with apologies.

Whilst I'm sure you're trying to help out, I'm sorry but I have to ask that any offers of used gear, unless being given away, are not made here.

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