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Question Recommendations for a multi-zone amp


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Hi all

I'm looking for some advice. A friend has asked me to help her set up a multi-zone setup for mainly music at her villa in Spain and I was thinking that an AV amp could be a good option. Having said that, I'm not sure if an AV amp will be able to drive all the speakers, even though the volume is unlikely to ever be turned up that high so the speakers won't really be driven hard.

The setup is likely to be:

Zone 1 - indoors open plan area - 6x 8 inch in-wall speakers - music and maybe TV/film
Zone 2 - upper patio area - 4 speakers - music only
Zone 3 - pool area - 4 speakers - music only
Zone 4 - chillout patio area - 2 speakers - music only

If 4 zones isn't available on many AV amps, then we could combine Zones 3 & 4 into a single zone, reducing down to 3 zones in total, which seems to be available in quite a few AV amps nowadays.

Alternatively, would it be a better option to use some kind of switch to manage zones, which would mean that we could break Zones 2 and 3 into 4 separate zones, making 6 zones in total. We could easily manage with 3 zones, so a switch isn't necessarily the preferred option.

Any amp (& switch if we went down that route) would need to be networked, so it can be controlled by iPhone or iPad, as well as stream from Spotify/Google Music/iTunes Music etc.

Total budget could probably stretch up to £2500-3000, which would allow up to £500-750 for the amp, although she'll be happy to spend less if she can.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Thanks as always...


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Anyone got any thoughts on the above?

Also, would it be easier to scrap the idea of a wired system and instead buy a wireless speaker setup like Sonos Play3's & 5's? Power sockets could be used, so not concerned about powering them, but not sure how strong their wireless network capabilities are as they could be as far as 20m apart from each other, however this would be outside so probably less of a concern compared to inside.


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An AVR would not do what you want it to do and there are far too many speakers there as well. You would need something with 16 amplified channels which is just not available. With that many speakers you would really be looking at a 100V system if looking at a centralised multi zone system. The Sonos idea would be much better although it will not be cheap to get that many speakers powered but it would give fully flexibility in each zone etc,


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Thanks PSM1 - is it out of the question to double up speakers on an amp channel, especially as they wouldn't be driven hard - they'll be more for background music rather than party after party


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It all depends on the impedance this gives the amp. You are also still asking one power supply to power a lot of speakers. 16 speakers from one avr is just too many in my view. An avr is designed for surround sound and not driving lots of stereo speakers in lots of different places. You are trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Use the correct equipment for what your needs are. Look up 100v systems as they are not as expensive as you might think.

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