Recommendations for a 5.1.2 Atmos receiver for PC gaming


Hi all,

I've been using 5.1 for PC gaming for a few years. I've got the signal coming straight from my video card via HDMI to my 5.1 receiver, and it works great. However, Windows' support for 5.1 is waning and updates are causing it to not work, so if I want to update windows I need to upgrade to Atmos (or lose my surround sound).

I'm extremely interested in height speakers for 3D Atmos sound. I have the 5.1 setup and I'm going to buy two ceiling speakers. So I'm looking for a recommendation for a receiver that does 5.1.2. I'm a little naive so I could use advice:

1. Is a 7.1 receiver simply a 7-channel receiver that can be configured to 5.1.2? I've stared at the images on the back of these receivers and they label the seven channels all sorts of names, but I assume one's for center, two are for front, two can be for back, and the last two are for the ceiling? And then you just have to use the correct setting?

2. So if I set the PC's output to "Atmos" and the receiver's mode to the same, it should just work? (I'm from the era of analog so the digital kind of mystifies me)

3. Is there any wisdom in hunting down "last year's model" versus whatever's newest and best? Can you even find unused models from a couple years ago?

4. Do any models offer an auxiliary simultaneous OUTPUT, say, to a remote speaker? I've never found a receiver that features this. Closest thing is the headphone jack, which often mutes the main speakers when used. So, I usually just plug TWO speakers into the same center output to run to a mini-speaker in my kitchen so I can hear the TV while cooking. Is this a bad idea?



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I’ve just set up a 5.1.2 system with my PC and hit a problem where it only outputs PCM 48 over EARC instead of Atmos. When I disable EARC on the TV I get Atmos/DD 48, which is not true Atmos like what I paid for.

My receiver is the RX-A2A so my advice would be to avoid that one in case you get the same problem as me. The last thing you want to do is fit ceiling speakers only for them not to work, or get the best from them.

I have posted my problem on this forum, so if I get an answer I will let you know!


Thanks for the info. Yea, I'm also finding that there are currently, like, 10 games out on PC that actually support Atmos/height sound. So maybe I'll wait... Very disappointed! It would be cool

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