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Question Recommendations for a 42'' under £600


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Last night there was a large bang and my old 32'' Samsung has officially died after about 7 years. So now the 22'' is sitting in the living room looking very small but keeping the kids happy it's definitely time to upgrade and I think the max size I can go to is a 42.

I'm thinking since I took so long to upgrade last time I'd like to future proof as much as possible so I'd like 4K even on a screen this size, 3D is kind of dead now so not too worried about that but it would be nice, I have an apple TV so smart features aren't critical.

I've been looking at this thread The Best TVs under £500? but would love some advice, also on when is the best time to buy, should I wait till Black Friday?

I know you must get loads of these questions so apologies if I'm asking something often asked but I hadn't planned to upgrade till next year so even a starting place to do research would be really appreciated.



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Should also say this is one I've been looking at PANASONIC
VIERA TX40CX680B I've heard some Panasonic ranges are rebadged budget brands, or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

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