Recommendations for 4X4 replacement?


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Hello all,

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some opinions on how I should move forwards with my current vehicle situation. I own a Suzuki Vitara S 2019, which has been valued by WBAC at £13,000.

Although there is nothing wrong with the car per se, it doesn’t really do anything well/right either. Primarily my job takes me along country roads/tracks, so reasonable ground clearance is a must, 4WD would be preferable too but not a must.

For my next car, I think it has to do something well… Whether its very comfortable inside, fast, economic etc. It just can’t be a jack of all trades again. Suzuki to its benefit does have Apple CarPlay which I do use a lot.

I can probably look to add up to £15k cash on top of the vehicle, or alternatively have considered going for a new vehicle under PCP.

What vehicles would you members recommend? Would be interested in your experiences too.

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Range Rover Evoque. Some very good deals around, does a lot of things very well and will be in a different league to the Suzuki in terms of nearly everything.


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I was in your position a few months ago , having recently taken early retirement i decided to treat myself to a new car with some of the cash lump sum i received , my wife has always had use of the new/modern car and i made do with the older one ( in this case it was a 2005 suzuki grand vitara ).
I have mostly owned 4x4's for the last 25yrs due to towing capabilities / fishing / camping trips as well as the high driving position and ride comfort on our local poor quality roads.
My budget was set to a max of 25k and i had three mid sized 4wd suv's in mind , VW Tiguan R-line , RR Evoque dynamic lux and a KIA Sportage GT Line. I looked and test drove all three , the RR was the first to be discarded due to i really wanted a opening glass pan roof (the RR was fixed) and 25K would only buy a 2016 low milage 2017 high milage model , i wanted something newer.
The VW Tiguan was a nice car with lots of modern tech ( virtual dash was cool ) but i felt it didn't have the off road ruggedness / ground clearance i wanted , so my spend went on a KIA.
22.5K bought me a 2.0TDI 2018 sportage GT Line S from a main dealer , 1 previous owner , 24K miles and being a KIA its got manufactures warranty until 2025. So far so good i'm very happy with it ( heated front/rear seats & steering wheel are great as we enter the colder months ) although the auto box takes a little getting used to if you usually drive a manual ,its plenty Quick enough more so when the sport button is pushed and i'm averaging 38mpg with a mixture of town/highway driving , my budget could have got a later model sportage GT Line but you don't get the pan roof plus a few extra goodies that come on the GT Line S.
Good luck in your search ............... Marty.
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