Recommendations Best 5.1 around £500?


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Looking for a all in one Blu Ray Home Cinema system

Dont really want to spend more much more than £500 unless its a bit more and really worth it

Been looking at

Pioneer 414 BCS-414 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System (BD-Live) with HD Audio, DLNA, USB and Tall Speakers - Pioneer Home Cinema System

Samsung HT-D5550 HT-D5550 Blu-ray 5.1ch Home Entertainment System - SAMSUNG UK - OVERVIEW

Panasonic BTT775 Home Entertainment - Blu-ray Home Cinema - SC-BTT775 - Overview - Panasonic UK & Ireland

The main thing im after is sound quality... I do like a good solid bass thunder as well but not overpowering when does not need to be ... So best quality crisp sound possible

Features are a bonus but not a major fact of the purchase, just best all round blu ray player and sound quality

Any others i should be looking at in this price range ?????

Which one would you buy and why ??? Any reviews anywhere, comparing any of them ???

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