Recommendation sought: Headphones in a very noisy environment


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Hi, all

I'll work in an office next to a construction site during summer and expect a very high noise level. Can anyone recommend a headphone set which is very effective in shutting out external noise? I'm more concerned with the comfort level during extended usage than sound quality.

Would a noise-cancelling feature be of much help in this circumstance?

Your feedback, please!


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Noise cancelling probably won't help that much - the technology only works well with lower frequency constant, droning noises. In

I'd recommend a good pair of closed back headphones with comfortable ear pads. The Beyerdynamic DT770 is very good at isolating sound and works well in noisy environments. The ear pads are really soft and are designed use by studio engineers all day long.


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Thanks for a prompt reply!

The Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO looks good, but somewhat pricey. Is there anything similar which is less expensive, since my requirement for sound quality is rather low?

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If the noise is that loud, maybe you should be wearing ear defenders rather than headphones to protect your hearing?


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My choices as follows

DT770 (again) as they have one of the best sound stages of any closed back cans

Senn HD380 pro £90 at Amazon. Well made, very good at attenuating outside noise and lots of sound with a very BIG bass field. You could park jumbo jets wearing these, but they are circumaural and will make yor ears sweat with extended usage

Senn HD280 pro, should be had for around £70. We have two pairs that have lasted 5 years and you can use these for drumming practice in a small room and still hear your music. Less soundstage than the newer 380 and a flat presentation but still a great sound. They do have a grip on the side of your head like an obstetrician wanting to get out on the golf course tho. My son can wear his for an 8 hour transatlantic flight with no problems

Sennheiser HD 25, the original engineer grade closed back supra-aural can used by most sound engineers

Sennheiser HD25 sp, the cheaper version of the above with a single plastic headband and lower price

You could go for a deep fitting iem and fit them with Comply tips. this is like adding a speaker into a an expanding foam ear plug. or just go for an iem with a deep fit and triple flange silicone tip
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I'm no expert on this area, but I worked with a bloke who had a pair of Etymotic Research in-ear phones and claimed that they blocked out damn-near everything. I believe they supply a few different moulds so you should be able to find something comfortable. I think that they start at about £60.

Worth looking into from a bang-for-buck perspective perhaps?


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Thanks, all, for your helpful feedback.

[email protected] Excellent idea. Hopefully, the noise won't be that loud, but I'll get a pair of ear defenders as a backup, just in case.

[email protected] Thanks for your recommendations. The Senn HD 280 Pro looks good, and I may well go for this if I can't find a suitable wireless headphone set (see below). A wireless verison of the HD 280 Pro would be perfect, provided its transmitter doesn't switch off automatically!

In my continued survey, I've expanded my search to wireless headphones with a closed back design, as I've to walk around in the office and the wireless facility would be very handy.

I understand that the transmitter of many such wireless headphones will switch itself off when no sound is transmitted. For my purposes, this may be a deal breaker. Does anyone know of a wireless, closed back headphone set with a transmitter which won't turn itself off?

Thanks again!
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