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Jun 5, 2020
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Good afternoon,

Firstly, thank you for reading my post – my apologies for the wall of text, but when asking for a recommendation for a new tv I understand that details are key.

I’m 50 (in October) this year, so have decided to treat myself to a new tv (so have begun doing my research now).

My current set up is as follows:
  1. SkyQ box connected to
  2. Pioneer surround sound amplifier (VSX-2020) – which runs my Kef acoustics 5.1 surround sound system, and is connected to
  3. Panasonic TX-P65VT20;
  4. (Was very lucky to get a PS5 over Christmas and this is hooked up via the VSX-2020).
I’d like to go big with the new tv (83-85 inches) and would really be grateful for constructive recommendations. I’ve seen the “template”, so answering these questions:

Budget: £10K for the new tv.

Size: 83-85 inches.

External devices: Please refer to my current set up.

Content: Sky movies & sports (HD), Netflix, Disney+, BT Sport (all ran through Sky box as my current tv is not smart).

Gaming: PS5 (twice a week, when wife lets me ☹ (God of War is so good)).

Proportion of viewing: streaming on Netflix 50%, movies / sport on Sky & BT 30%, Disney+ 20% (all done via Sky Q box).

 What TV are you currently using and what are expecting to see upgrading to a new TV? Current model is Panasonic TX-P65VT20, the main factor for the new tv is size (83-85 inches) and being able to view UHD and above.

 Are you a tweaker or set and forget kind of person? Forget

 What is your viewing distance? Just over 4 metres

 If you place yourself in the position of your TV facing towards where you watch, at what angle from the centre is each integral seating position? (Tip, use a protractor to measure angles). 0 (main viewing angle) to 40 degrees* (this is when my 15 year old and wife are binge watching Dawsons Creek on Netflix and I am relegated to the other sofa).

 When will you use the TV and what kind of lighting will be in your room? In the evening when there is very little sunshine (window in north facing), I tend to watch tv with a small lamp on and now again in the dark (movies)

 Would your usage of an OLED TV put you at risk of permanent burn in? No

 If using planning to use an internal tuner will you use satellite or free to air?

In order of importance (for me)

HDR Picture quality > SDR Picture quality > blacks > shadow detail > pic accuracy out of the box.

Bugs (for me)

Motion blur and picture quality when streaming old programs (i.e. the daggers from wife when watching Dawsons Creek etc and informing me that she thinks the picture quality is the same as the old plasma…how much was this new tv….did you really need a big tv..grumble..grumble etc) .


From the reading I’ve done, there are some websites that suggest that at 83-85 inches, 8k tv is the way to go for the added pixels etc. Now I know that there is very little 8k content but the Samsung 85” QN900A Neo QLED 8K HDR Smart TV has caught my eye – I like the infinity screen and (promised) upscaling capability. Other sites tell me to stick with 4K and go with an LG-C1.

I went into a retailer (there is limited choice of tvs on display here in the shops in Guernsey, but they can be ordered) the other day, who waxed lyrical about the LG-C1 tv. I was able to view a C1 (48 inches) and a Samsung QE65QN95AATXXU 65″ Neo QLED – maybe it was all due to the screen size, but I just preferred the brightness and vibrancy on the Samsung.

Anyway I'd really appreciate some advise please.

Many thanks – keep safe, stay well.
Thanks for filling out the template.
I think there's really only two contenders if you're looking for the absolute best picture quality: Samsung QN90A and up, or Sony A90J.

The other options I can think of are:
LG C1 - Not quite as bright as the A90J and with worse upscaling.
Sony/Samsung 8k models like the QN900A or Z9J - Hard to justify the intense bump in price when they do some things worse than cheaper models.

Since you like the sound of the bright, vibrant picture then an LCD TV like the QN90A and up would definitely be for you.

I wouldn't worry so much about poorer quality material looking bad. The change in picture quality will be so drastic it will more than make up for a softer presentation of older material and at 4m away from the TV, I'd be surprised if you even noticed.

The only red flag I can think of when going for an LCD is the 40-degree viewing angle. The higher end LCD TVs are using VA type panels which have narrow viewing angles. They place a filter on top which helps a little, but the picture isn't going to be as clear at that angle as in front. If that's a major issue for you, you must go for the A90J or C1 OLED instead.

Regarding satellite, if you want it built into the TV Sony and Samsung models are supported but LG have some model numbers that include sat tuners and some that don't, so you may only find availability for the C1 locally without a sat tuner.
Thank you Dodgexander, I'll look at the QN90A and up + the Sony A90J
I'm an oled fan I've had oled tvs for the last 7 years absolutely love the deep blacks and the wide viewing angles so my vote would be for the Sony and as your new TV will have the internal streaming apps I would recommend using them instead of the sky box

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