Recommendation of liquids?


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I like the cool hit of slush flavours and fruit flavours (mainly tropical). I don't like sweet flavours like cake flavours or donut flavours apart from the glazed one.

Any recommendations on what to try next?


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If you like cool slush then Purple Slush and Pineapple Sploosh from Flavour Boss are both lovely.
You'll have to mix them yourself but works out a fraction of the cost of ready made. I can mix 500ml for about £20.
Never buy ready made juice these days


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Got myself a 50ml shorfill of TPD Black Grape Soda. Just topped it up with a 10ml nicotine shot and it's very tasty.

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I agree that their are some truly tasty liquids on the market now, also that there are some terrible ones of course but in my experience the good ones all taste the same after a few vapes. I get the taste when I first try a new flavour but after 30 minutes or so it'll taste just like any other liquid imo. Not moaning just making a point about flavours.


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Started vaping with 1 pound eliquid, but I decided to try the plethora of flavours available.

Eventually I found that I love the forest fruits flavour from one pound eliquid with the first tank I bought (Nautilus 2).

I can list the flavours I have spare and if you’re willing to cover postage. I could send some for you to try.

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