Recommendation needed for amplifier power for speaker Paradigm Prestige 75F


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No, as you will not be using the AVR for music if you are using an Stereo Integrated Amp which takes advantage of the HT Bypass solution.

When using this solution, your main front speakers (Left/Right) will be connected to the stereo amp. The pre-outs will be connected to the HT bypass connection on here. Now for music, the sources you wish to hear should be connected to the stereo amp and not the AVR, but lest say you have a Blu-ray player which you also wish to use for music, then if you use the AVR which sends the signal to the amp via the HT bypass, the stereo amplifier will have no control over how that sounds, however if you have a capable Blu-ray player which has a good DAC built in, then you will usually find that it will have some RCA outputs at best or at least an optical/coaxial output. This give you two options, the first one is to simply connect the RCA outputs to the CD input on the stereo amp. This way, you will still use the HDMI to the AVR for films, but when you are wishing to hear music via the same source, you would simply switch the source over on the stereo amp to CD and turn the AVR off. This would then allow you to hear what the stereo amp has on offer.

If you was to use the optical output, then this would mean you need to look at either a stereo amp with a built in DAC or a separate DAC to decode the bitstream feed from the Blu-ray player. This means you don't need to spend as high on the Blu-ray player as it will not be doing anything with the sound, but of course you will be spending more on the stereo amp or extra on a DAC.

Now, if you are going to run down the route of a separate CD and Blu-ray player, then as you have guessed, simply connect the CD to the Stereo Amp and the Blu-ray player to the AVR via HDMI. Like using bitstream or the RCA's you would simply turn off the AVR and switch the source from HT-Bypass to what ever input you wish to hear.

Many people use this option as its the simplest one for those who wish to create a dual system in one room
Thank you very much

That makes sense

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