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I have a tight throw distance. my room length is only 3.88m
i will be putting a couch to the back of the wall.
I require a 120 inch screen.
with this limitation i was thinking UST is the only option.
but the local sales guy said I could have SONY VPL 270ES and it may be able to do 120 with my distance.
i checked the throw ration but i doubt him now.
does zoom increase the size to 120?
any other options I have?
I think UST is the only way to get 120
any other suggestions?


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Why did he go straight for that Sony model? What is your budget? Does your gut feeling want an UST Projector? I'm trying to see what you want to purchase and not the sale guy. UST Projectors have a lot of plus points and if the space is tight then they are a very good option.



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the shop does high end PJs, and their demo room had the same one. probably that is the reason.
what i want is a PJ which can give me a 120inch screen from 3.88m distance.
i am in the market for that PJ - regular PJ or short throw PJ or UST PJ.
I would prefer a regular PJ if it can do that screen. but i doubt.


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I agree with you, the sales guy needs to redo his calculation for that Sony.

The SONY VPL 270ES body dimensions:


For room length that is the obvious constraint for the projector setup and the wanted 120" projected picture size, remember to subtract the length of the projector body when calculating the usable throw distance.

For best picture quality a projector screen needs to be used, and they often have a small distance between the back wall and the projected picture plane. this might also be part of the throw calculation and needs to be subtracted from the usable throw length.


Some projectors also need some additional distance to the back wall for cooling, cable connections, or servicing the air filter, etc.

With the Sony touching the back wall and the screen, ~1 cm from the front wall the 3.88meter size room throw is reduced to 3.88 - 0.465 - 0.01 = 3.405m

Even using the projectors widest setting with full use of the 17:9 panel the minimum throw for a 120" (17:9) screen si 3.49 meter.

For a 16:9 setup the minimum throw is 3.67 meter.


For that 120" SONY VPL 270ES demo you refer to, what viewing distance did you experience the 120" size picture?

With a 3.4 meter throw, the SONY VPL 270ES is able to do a 100" size 16:9 picture, and with a small reduction in view distance, the picture size experience might be quite similar.
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thank you for the detailed analysis.
i had not thought of screen to wall distance and projector to wall distance.
that would further reduce my throw distance.
since this will go into my attic room, i dont have the luxury of extra distance.
the slope of the attic ceiling may reduce my options to mount the pj.
the demo room was bigger and pj was far behind than 4m.
viewing distance was probably same as mine.


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I recommend the Epson eh-tw9400.

50cm for projector and cables gives
113" 16:9 image

Look through your movie collection to decide on 16:9 or CIH 2.35:1 screen

If your room is treated and you sit the correct distance it doesn't matter what the screen size Is, it will take up your field of view and you will be immersed

THX says seating @ 3.53m

Matt black stage paint for walls or

Pond lining and tape for Windows

Put 200hrs on it then get it calibrated

Seeing as you will be seated on the back wall you could implement the cinema in 2 stages using quality headphones and headphone amp first.

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