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My wall width is 1.70 m with 65’ TV (width 1.45) . - see picture.
This gives me only width of 12.5 cm for speaker (L/R) .
i thought to buy 3 x Apex A40. (I’ve TV wall mount so i can still few space).
What do you think ? (i know that its not optimal that the L/R will be so closed)
Any other idea ?

Thanks !


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As speakers go, the Apex 40 from Monitor Audio are very good without much competition. So I doubt you'll hear anyone complain about your selection even if you are worried about them being very close to each other.

If the fact about the speakers being to close to you is really worrying you, you can run the front in with just two Apex speakers with the centre speaker becoming a phantom.

This would mean you 5.1 system would be in truth a 4.1 system with the front two speakers taking up the missing information from what have come from the centre channel. Many people use this type of solution without issues. You just have to ensure the centre channel is switched off if you are performing a manual room eq setup whereas almost all modern AV eq systems detect the channel is missing and do the rest for you :)


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Thanks for the reply. Look like i’ll pull the trigger 😀
btw, is there different versions/ revision of A40 that i should care about ?


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Monitor Audio haven’t revised the Apex since launch, so you have nothing to worry about on that front

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