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I currently have a separate system I am quite happy with, but I am looking to update my system, and looking for advices. I have the following constraints:

* I want the new system to be fully controllable from iphone/tablet, so that when I listen to music from a streaming source such as spotify/etc., I can do it without having to reach to the hardware. Basically as easy as sonos and similar setups
* I want all my hardware supply to be 110-220 V compatible as I move countries a lot
* I am looking into a system that works well at low/mid volume, as I live in a country where sound isolation is poor (Japan)
* I am also looking for floorstanding speakers, partially because I worry about earthquake and I live in one of the most earthquake prone area of Japan
* My total budget, including speakers, 4-5000 $, I can stretch to 7000 $, but I would not mind spending less.

It sounds like one of my best bet for fully contrallable system is a fully integrated amp that includes a streamer instead of amp + streamer. For my budget, I found the following:

1. The Naim Uniti atom looks good, but I worry a bit about the low power (40W), especially for floorstanding. I don't want to spend what the nova costs.
2. Some rotel amp, such as RA 1572, fit the bill on paper, but I have read that the remote control does not work that well. Rotel tends to be easier to find in Japan as well, thus easier to try.
3. Polaris from auralic looks good on paper as well, and got everything I need, including phono input, and more power. It does not look like I can listen to it in Japan though.

For speakers, my plan is to first buy the amp and then find resellers in Tokyo willing to let me try speakers with the device, as the choice of brands for speakers is much higher for some reason (B&W, PMC, KEF, ELAC, REVEL, Focal are all easily available).

For reference, my current system is:

1. speaker B&W CM6S2
2. amp: evo 5350
3. CD player: audiolab 8200cd
4. Turntable: project debut carbon. That one I am happy with except speed change is a PITA because you need to change the rubber position.

I would keep the CD player and sell everything else.


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Kef LS50 wireless

Fits everything but the floor stander. There are clever stands that allow bookshelf speakers to be placed at near floor level facing upwards.

Save a package and less boxes to pick up after ...


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