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I am looking for a simple solution to copy DV camcorder tapes to DVD. I don't want to do any fancy editing - just copy a whole DV tape with maybe a couple of sections cut out.

As I see it I have 3 options:
(1) Simple DVD Recorder - like a Panasonic E55 at about £230
(2) DVD Recorder with DV input - e.g. Panasonic E65 at about £300
(3) PC editing - I already have a DVD+-R/RW but I would need a firewire card and software at nabout £50.

Is the extra cost of 2 over 3 worth it? Is it that much simpler with DV input?

Is 3 simple to use and is it even feasible with my current machine - Athalon 1700+, 1Gb RAM, weedy 8mb graphics card.


OK, IMO the best results will come from the PC option. Your PC has plenty of power for this. A firewire card will set you back around £10 & Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3 for around £25 will be all you need for software. It is very easy to use and will give far better results than any standalone DVD recorder as you can add advanced menus & chapter where you want them. It is also the cheapest at around £35 as long as you can fit the firewire card yourself - it's a dodle, so should be no worries there. The only down side is that it will take you a couple of hours at least to capture, edit, convert (the long bit),author & burn the final disk.

If you want to buy a standalone recorder then you really should get one with a DV input as this will keep the video as digital at all times, leading to a higher PQ.



If he doesn't want to editing then that would also mean chapters and menus?

I think the DVD Recorder would be better plus it can be used instead of a VCR. It certainly would be a lot quicker and less hassle.

The E60/E65 would be perfect for this. A E60 if it can be found, may be cheaper than the E65.


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Thanks for the responses. As Ulead can be downloaded for free (30 day trial) and a firewaire card is so cheap I think that I will try out the PC option first.

I was assuming that my PC was far too weedy to be able to handle any sort of editing.

If that doesn't work then I may consider getting something like a Panny E65 - as my main requirement for DVD recording is editing from a camcorder it seems a waste not to pay the extra to get a firewire input.


Pls take a look at this forum entry (on this forum) before choosing the Panasonic

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