Recommendation for Android TV with built in Freesat for around £750 max


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Bit out of touch with the latest TV's as I have only owned a 42" LED Digihome one for the last 5 years. I am looking to upgrade to either a 50 or 55" Android TV with built in Freesat.

Built in Freesat is a must as I would like to do away with the current Humax box I am using and do not have a standard TV arial, not to bothered about sound quality as I have a Bose soundbar that I can use with the new purchase.

TV will mainly be used for movies via Plex/Netflix etc as well as standard terrestrial channels. Any good recommendations for a maximum budget of around £750 would be much appreciated. I had looked at the Philips 50PUS855 but looking at some of the reviews they were not great around picture quality for dark scenes and also a bit iffy around Freesat as well.



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Built in Freesat isn't very common these days, so consider spending some of that £750 on a terrestrial aerial instead.


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these seems to have satellite to

Amazon product


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