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Recommendation for a "Quickie" divorce?


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Am just about to get divorced from the missus - we both want it over with as soon as possible:(. I have seen these "Quickie" divorce places online which say they will do it in a matter of weeks and for very little money (certainly compared to solicitors). Has anyone used one of these firms and did they "do what it said on the tin"? Thanks in advance for any pointers anyone can give me.....


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Quickie divorce? Will you be getting a new patio too? ;)
Sorry I don't have a serious answer but maybe you could google for them to see if you can get a "review" of sorts.


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If you haven't got children, you should be able to do it yourself, with no solicitor, AFAIK.
Should be ok as long as you both are in agreement, these things generally only work if you have no acromony & the finances are not in contention.

Otherwise you might find it defeats the object and can become a long drawn out affair.


My first wife and I got a quickie divorce.
IIRC (it was 15+ years ago) we both went to see the solicitor and agreed no accusations/contest/claims.
I still seem to think it took 6 months though.


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As others have said, if its all in agreement then it can be fairly quick and inexpensive. Sorry to hear things have gone that way for you though.


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When I split up with my fiance, we made amicable agreements over who had what. Can this not be done in the event of a divorce?

We kept our own belongings, we each kept presents from our own side of the family. Then the rest we valued and split down the middle.

I owed her £2500 out of the mortgage, so I'm paying for the car loan that we had going and she had the car.


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Well by law you have to seperated for 2 years unless it adultery, violence etc.

Ex and I agreed to fib and say we had been seperated 2 years.

we were very amicable.

took about 6 weeks to get a divorce.
If i was you I'd go to see a solicitor only they can really tell you (due to circs) how long it'll take... I work for a law firm if you need a good solicitor :smashin:

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