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Jan 30, 2009
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I have had an Asus O!Play media player which works absolutely fine but there's a few things I didn't like which made me want to upgrade.

Firstly, it didn't manage to play all files on my hard drive. It plays mkv/avi/mp4s fine but some of these same file formats just wont load. It struggles to play 1080i/p content as well and some subtitles dont load. It would also be nice to not have to use a seperate power socket for this thing.

I've been looking at Roku, chromecast and the android sticks (Mk808 etc). but cant decide whats best and hoped someone with one of the above can shed some light.

What I need for the upgrade to be worth it:

1) Self powering off the TV USB
2) Can connect and power a portable hard drive
3) Plays 'most' video formats incluiding 1080
4) Subtitle support - this may sound really demanding but at the moment, I plug my hard drive straight to my TV which plays most video files and subtitles but the subs are just plain white font which means during bright scenes, its near impossible to read witout any dark borders.

any advice would be much appreciated

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