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    Hi - My house runs off a CM11A W/Activehome 1.42, nad has been successfully
    doing so for 6 years (before that, a CP290 for over a decade). - I have
    19 modules and 20 macros, and a HCA02-10E repeater. It probably works
    right 99.5% of the time, but that 0.5% is an annoyance. Modules trigger
    macros that trigger modules, but not quite always, occasionally a light
    missed a timed on command, a few lights sometimes turn on for no reason,
    etc. Also, since I'm now using the CM11A with WinXP, I have no
    monitoring available to me to assist with debug.

    I'm thinking of blowing a couple of bills to replace all my modules with
    2-way (some of them are more than 10 years old and may be part of the
    problem anyway), and I'd like a controller/software that can take
    advantage of 2-way to verify operation and state, automatically, and
    provides continuous monitoring.

    I don't need any more sophisticated control than I get with ActiveHome,
    but it needs to work better. I can keep the CM11A or buy new HW.

    I envision a system where all my keypad
    controllers trigger macros, and all modules are actually always turned
    on/off ONLY by the main controller. Since the modules are 2-way, and the
    controller is 'smart', this should 100.0% guarantee that if the (macro)
    command reaches the main controller, the module WILL end up in the
    desired state.

    any suggestions?


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