Recommend soundbar (ARC) for Sony W9 Bravia 46” (KDL46W905)


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I’m looking for sound bar recommendations to go with my Sony W9 Bravia 46” (KDL46W905). I previously had a CT60-BT, which was OK, but used Optical-Out from the TV and meant I had to use a bunch of remote controls - it was also a little on the quiet side, treble mainly. Recently this just stopped working (after 20 months) and refused to power on correctly, resulting in a refund to spend on a replacement.

My setup is currently:
BT -> HDMI -> TV
PS4 -> HDMI -> TV
X360 -> HDMI -> TV

I notice my TV also has an HDMI (ARC) socket, which I am hoping can transmit audio to a new sound bar. Since the BT remote is my primary controller, I’d like this to control the sound bar also. I can set the controller to send signals to the TV which control the volume/mute/power, but if I use the ARC setup, will this in turn control the volume on the sound bar?

I’m also after any sound bar recommendations here. My budget is £50-200. I’m also slightly confused as to why some sound bars have just 1x HDMI and some have 1x/3x HDMI - presumably to reverse the setup with a single cable going to the TV?



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I just bought a Sony HTXT1 (£180) to pair up with my KDL43W755 which more than fulfills my needs, plenty of oomph and it has ARC so all you HDMI's go straight to the base and 1 cable goes to the TV, everything switches automatically and it has NFC but I haven't tried that yet.

I was pleasantly surprised to find it very easy to set up and control, I previously had KEFF eggs +sub which were great but they were getting bashed about by my kids and I just wanted a tidier setup.

I couldn't be happier with it to be honest.

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