Recommend somewhere to buy TX200 or AE900



I'm going to buy either of the above projectors and was just wondering if anyone can recommend a online site to buy one from.




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juniper said:
Seconded. They have "bricks and mortar" too. Excellent supplier in every way, with good prices too.

I never got round to the demo in the shop, I read enough on here to convice me to buy blind from them, no problems at all.


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darkmavis said:

Add another satisfied customer to the list, perhaps not quite as cheap as some others but as i'd never spent anywhere near this much on AV stuff before I felt more comfortable, especially after visiting the shop and talking to Ben.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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One of the cheapest and good after sales service :smashin:

Tony Hoyle

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Got excellent service from them & they definately knew what they were doing.


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Another :smashin: for . Ben gave me good advice and the price of the pj included a free bulb and pixel check so was ultimately better value. I ordered a DVD player from prc but cancelled in the end, due to the order process and got it elsewhere.


Another for .

They were patient and helpful, They may not be the cheapest but their aftersales is great.


Well I've got a hitachi pj-tx200.

I had jumped in my car discounttv is about 120 miles from where i live and i was just leaving to go there and had one thought about a local supplier... So I phoned my local richer sounds and they had one for £1000 without the bulb, but I negotiated with them over the phone and got it down to £930 and so as it saved a 240 mile round trip went and picked it up from them.


So it's 2nd bulbless but with petrol etc.. about 100 if not 110 less as i've had stopped for some food on the way back probably ;) and I can get a bulb for £130ish online.

My mums in hospital at the moment so i've not had much chance to place but i've stuck it on a table and watched a movie on it Star Wars Ep III and i'm rather impressed with it.

Now the only thing that I do need for it is a ceiling mount.


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