Recommend Some Window Tint Film...


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But not for car windows! :D

I want to tint the (flat) glass door in my AV stand. Any recommendations for something not too dark & a decent quality? Also where can I buy a small quantity? Only need around 110 x 30cm.

Probably x2 to allow a practice! :rolleyes:


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Try your local glass and glazing merchant, I work in that trade and we
keep a fair bit in stock, usually for the purpose of reducing glare
and heat reduction in offices etc, but they are tinted and will do the job.

Normally retail for around £15 psqm so your needs won't cost much,
and yes, would recommend buying enough to cover possible balls ups when
applying it.

We use products by 'Sun Guard' but to be honest I wouldn't worry
too much who it is made by for what your doing.

If you want any fitting tips, let me know.
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