Recommend some foreign Sci-Fi


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I like my Sci-Fi and watch plenty of UK/US Sci-Fi movies. I also like foreign cinema, some of my favourite movies of the last few years have included City Of God, The Motorcycle Diaries, Battle Royal and Amores Perros. So who can recommend some live action foreign language Sci-Fi? I recently watched The Host and enjoyed it. I've also got Solaris on my list of things to watch as I enjoyed the US version. Anything else? I'm not talking about Anime, live action only. Also, preferably something a bit more recent, I've seen the old Godzilla movies already :)


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Yeah, Run Lola Run is excellent.

I forgot to mention that I have seen Nightwatch. Didn't really get into it but have been meaning to watch it again. I get the feeling I wasn't in the right mood for it first time.

pags payback

I recommend you save yourself a couple of hours and avoid Casshern!

I really enjoyed Princess Blade which is set in the future but because they lost a lot of the funding at the last minute it's only barely sci-fi. I also really enjoyed another Japanese movie called The Returner which isn't most original idea borrowing from the Terminator, the Matrix and a few other movies, but it is an enjoyable movie.

I saw another movie called Sky High (not the US film) that may or may not interest you. I thought it was so so but maybe you could read a couple of reviews and see if it's your cup of tea.

Night watch (the Russian film) isn't sci-fi but maybe you're interested in fantasy movies too? if so it's a good watch and apparently there is going to be sequels day watch and dusk watch.

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How about Jean Pierre Jeunet's classics 'Delicatessen' and 'The City of Lost Children'? Again, maybe not strictly sci-fi but how else would you classify these??????


Steve N

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More fantasy - Guillermo Del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH.


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Thanks guys, lot's to add to my list. 2009 Lost Memories and The Returner look particularly interesting.

I've got Pan's Labarynth but haven't watched it yet. Something to watch while I'm waiting for the rest of them :thumbsup:

Now to see if Blockbuster online has a good Korean/Japanese Sci-Fi section :)


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Some more for your list..not so much sci-fi as just generally good films..!

NightWatch & the sequel Daywatch
Infernal Affairs I, II, & III
Ong Bak
Curse of the Golden Flower

Some Luc Besson breathed on goodies

Haute Tension / Switchblade Romance
Taxi 1, 2, & 3 - 1 really good, 2 - poor 3 - not bad

fantastic dan

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The returner is a good film. I really like the badguy, he is just plain mental.

Versus is in my opinion a waste of the discs it was printed to. Everything about this film was crap. Although I'm sure pleny of people will disagree.

pags payback

Some more for your
Taxi 1, 2, & 3 - 1 really good, 2 - poor 3 - not bad

I disagree I enjoyed the entire Taxi series with the first and original being the best, part 2 had more comedy and less action and was still very good, part three even more comedy and was quite good.


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I thought I'd post a few more after checking my collection.



Tetsuo II

Dragon Head

Gamera The Brave

Japan Sinks (More disaster than sci-fi, but still good)

Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean

These are all Japanese, as I'm a huge fan of asian cinema.

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