Recommend new TV - Is it worth to get bigger TV instead of OLED (models included)


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In ideal scenario I would prefer 75 inch TV, but then it means that I cant afford OLED, the main question is: does 75" TV worth it to skip OLED or better take 65" OLED?

Currently I have dilemma with the following models:
75 inch not OLED:
LG 75NANO853PA VS Xiaomi Mi QLED TV Q1 75"
or 65 inch TV and OLED:
Philips 65OLED706/12 vs LG OLED65A13LA

Mainly use would be movies, the room is quite light, viewing distance is around 7 feet.


Its not worth it in this case since the 75" models you are considering are not very good quality TVs at all.

However, if you could afford a 75" starter HDR or semi-pro HDR TV in my guide here it may be worth it:

Worth noting that the LG A1 you found is still just a starter HDR TV, whilst the Philips OLED ranks higher. Out of the two, the Philips is the better value for money as it sits in the semi-pro section.


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@Dodgexander - thank you for your response! After some consideration I decided to go for Philips OLED706/12 and first impressions are good. Picture quality is very good, only thing I noticed with some HDR content is that dark scenes are too dark, maybe I need to adjust settings a bit, but overall it is good.
One big downside to me is that there is no possibility to attach subtitles for network media, which looks ridiculous nowadays, even my 10 years old tv managed to select subtitles. Does anyone knows the reason? I guess it is not Philips related topic, most probably it is AndroidTV topic?


The HDR thing may be just because like the LG B1 its a bit on the dark side for an OLED falling short 100nit or so compared to the more expensive models. You'll probably find it worse with HDR10 content than HDR10+ or Dolby VIsion, it's normal for the TV and recommended to view HDR when its dark in the room if you can.

The LG A1 is actually darker than the OLED706, so you'd have even more trouble with that!

Regarding subtitles, it doesn't really surprise me. TVs are pretty far behind when it comes to the direct playback of media. You get stupid problems like subtitles not working, certain rips not supported, audio playback problems and even small subtitles. Its an Android TV model so you should be able to just download a different app for playback though, I'd recommend sideloading something like MXPlayer or Kodi.

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