Recommend me some games for kids!


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ive just bought the console and sure theres alot of decent games out there but most, if not all of them are aimed at adult gamers.

Are there any decent games aimed at kids?

i want to get my kids playing more on the console (dunno if im gonna regret this)


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Viva Pinata springs to mind and pretty much any sport game should be decent. I'd recommend keeping them off xbox live though if they're young - theres a few nasty characters about.


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Boys? Girls? How old? My two five year olds like:

Lego Star Wars I and II*
Lego Bionicles
Viva Piñata (helps if they can read confidently or if you play along with them)
Barbie Horse Adventures (compatible Xbox title)

On Xbox Live Marketplace they like:
Assault Heroes*
Feeding Frenzy
Robotron* (but they suck at this big time)

Games with Co-op modes are my prefered choice (above with a * next to them), easier to help them without them feeling that they are losing control.


Viva pinata is colourful and cuddly but i think it might get a bit too much for kids, and it could get boring. Maybe a racing game, lego star wars and kameo. Or maybe pick up some original xbox games. Theres more choice

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Gears of War and Quake should help them in the real world when zombies invade the world....

Sorry :oops:

My 5 year old absolutely rules at Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the PS2 so I let him have a quick blast of GoW (extreme content was off) and he was loving it - had to switch it off and do the good father thing.

As someone else said, Lego SW2 is ideal because of the co-op mode. Also, Cars is a very easy game for kids to pick up and has some good 2 player mini games.

Live Arcade also has Frogger and Galaga and maybe Rally-X but I haven't played it on the 360 yet.

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