Recommend me some discrete bi-wire cable?


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I have a front three consisting of AE Aesprit 309's & 307. I have them currently wired using the Cat 5e platted method from TNT.

I'm going to be mounting the TV in the wall and generally tidying up my AV setup so that all of the equipment is enclosed, and no cabling is on show, or at least very little.

The Cat5 cables is pretty ugly, large and awkward to bend/hide.

Can anyone recommend a bi-wire cable that will perform just as well but be a little better on the eye, or easier to hide in cornice/trunking?

Not looking to spend a fortune though.

Also, I have my rear Gale bi-polars wired in 1mm twin (general elec cable), while I'm going to the bother of hiding these up, is it worth replacing this also with something a little better? Especially as I may upgrade to some Aesprit rears to match if I ever find the right ones!!


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I have often wondered about the pro's & con's, of this. I suppose I could ditch the bi-wire and just use a piece of cable in place of the link. I'll have to confuse myself reading over the bi-wire vs single wire debate!! Being an elctrical engineer it doesn't make sense (two cables in parallel from same source against one cable & bridge??), but as I had some time on my hands I made up some Cat5 anyway!! Plus - that's another debate!

But if I were to go back to single cables, I gather than the Van Damme blue 2.5mm is pretty good value?

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The Van Damme Blue 2.5mm does get good feedback, but it is over 10mm diameter so may not fit in trunking anyway!

You can get cable which is "flat" for going under carpets/in trunking. I have some unused lengths of bi-wire Sharkwire cable, but I found the Cat5 much better for sound reproduction.


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This is it, I don't want it to be subtle to the extent of sacrificing sound quality.

Surely it's only 10mm along it's width rather than diameter? I was thinking of using some of the quadrant cable tidy stuff that you use along the bottom of skirting. I'll have to see how big you can get it.


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Van Damme Blue 2.5 sq mm is 10mm diameter!

Ah right, I hadn't realised it was totally round, I assumed it was two rounds side by side and so kind of oval shaped.

Either way, I'll take a look at ways of hiding it, my Cat5 cable is thicker than that!!

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