Recommend me Planar and Closed Back Headphones @£500?


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I have an incoming Drop THX 789 Headphone Amplifier and it's matching Balanced Grace Dac, upgrading from a JDS Labs Atom + JDS OL USB Dac.

I would like some recommendations on Closed Balanced Headphones to purchase and I would like to also try a Planar Headphone. Budget would be £500 each.

I currently use Senn HD58X Jubilee (I can get a balanced cable but want something higher end) and AKG 7XX. I feel I am covered for Open Back. I also game with the Senn PC38X so have that covered. Believe it or not I use those also as my teleconference headset - so comfy!

I was thinking of Hifiman Sundara for the planar but am nervous about the Quality Control issues on the Amazon rainforest reviews.

I'd also consider some IEM's?

Source is Spotify and Local Flac on a Windows 10 machine.

So chain is:
PC via USB -> Grace DAC via Balanced -> Drop THX 789 -> Headphones.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks Neil.

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This is not a personal recommendation, it is a suggestion on research

Monolith M1060

Fostex T50RP MK3

Also Hifiman HE400 variants

See here for graphs: Oratory Grapher

It is possible with time only the latest HE400SE 2021 (I don't think the year officially appears in the name) will be available for sale. The good thing with having two reasonably well known models is you have a baseline starting point to compare graphs and sound quality reviews

Good luck! 😎

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