Recommend me desktop powered speakers for PC use


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I'm just putting together a corner area in which I will be occasionally lurking, and I want a pair of speakers for the PC.

The room is about 5m x 5m, not treated but there's sufficient crap in it not to sound too echoey. The speakers will be up on a shelf about 50cm above my head when sitting, and I'll try and angle them so they fire down. I might - if the builders are still in - try and persuade one to stick speaker stands or another shelf on the wall slightly lower down.

I don't need to fill the room but would like a nice all-round response when playing back at sensible volumes. I'd like an active monitor, don't want to deal with a separate amp. Since I'll be there sometimes I don't want to commit Genelec money - so £400 and (well?) under would be good.

Input switching and some sort of inline volume controller a big plus.


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I have some Audioengine A5 and they sound great. I also have some cheaper M-Audio AV40 and they are pretty decent too.
I don't think you can go far wrong with either.


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The A5+'s seem plausible. A bit boring looking, but I guess that's not a huge issue.

Anyone have opinions on the Focal Book XS? They look quite decor-friendly but I'd need to get an inline attenuator.

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