Recommend me an isolating Bluetooth headset


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There are times I'd like to be wire-free, but more importantly be able to take calls while listening to music.

I use a Gear4 Blueye at the moment but it has a few problems, and am wondering what my options are. I've bought a couple of headsets including the Sony DR-BT50, but that's also had issues.

What I want to do:
- Multi-pair with at the very least two phones - including iPhones - ideally 4. i.e. be able to pick up a call from any of them.
- Listen to music from any of the multi-paired phones using on-unit transport / volume controls, including iPhones. Failing multi-phone music switching, designate one phone for music duties, fading out / switching when another phone rings.

How I want it done:
- All-day-plus practical battery life in use
- Usable isolation (e.g. closed DJ-phone territory)
- Decent quality

Is this a pipedream? Tell me it ain't so!

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