Recommend me an easy to use PVR for my Mum


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My Mum is in her 70's but still very active. At present, she has a VCR connected through a set top box. Because of the multiple remote controls and menus it's all rather confusing. As a result she misses more programmes that successfully records them.

She's seen a PVR at my Uncle's house and thinks it would be an ideal solution. I agree, but am aware that my Mum's fingers work faster than her head when it comes to AV equipment: frantic random button pressing is her usual solution to a problem rather that standing back and assessing the situation!

I'm aware that the ease of use for PVRs can vary dramatically. We have Sky+ which I find very intuitive and easy to use. My Mum does not want a subscription service, however. I also have an LG DVD recorder/freeview PVR, which although very neat, has quite a complex interface and menu system.

I think a dual tuner PVR would be ideal, HD if possible, although i wouldn't want to spend too much in case it doesn't get used! I'd be grateful if anyone could recommend a PVR which is easy to use and 'pensioner-friendly' (my Mum would do her nut if she thought I'd used that phrase!)


The Panasonic HW100 should be good for old folk.

Well laid out east to use remote and good onsceen help for those that need it.

Details here.

(Ignore the 'official' price you see quoted there - It will be obtainable much more cheaply)

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