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I have been looking around recently at upgrading our sound system but just keep finding myself floundering around google with no real point of reference or knowledge base to guide me so hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

Currently have a an Onkyo CR515DAB coming through a set of Denon/ Mission SCM51's. This is mostly used whilst watching sky or running from the ps3 for dvds/bluray/gaming/playing media content from the PC.

First off - dont have a massive budget and although i am keen to get a decent set up i am definately going to be at the budget bargain end of the scale. I am also deaf in one ear so think getting a 5.1/7.1 system would be wasted on me. Just looking at getting a nice sound from 2 speakers.

My main requirements for a new amp would be :

Optical input
At least one other input for the sky box
Remote control (I'm lazy!)
Capable of running 2 sets of speakers
Preferably in silver

Plan is to save up for some new speakers for the living room then put the Denon speakers into the kitchen.

Any advice will be much appreciated :smashin:


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As you have specified an optical input, that rules out a stereo (hifi) amp so your best bet is to look for a budget receiver that has A/B speaker output and is capable of decent music reproduction. Silver reduces your choice considerably as most of the current ranges are black. The Denon 1509 has A/B speaker out and is silver and has 2 optical inputs. Cambridge Audio are usually the pick of the bunch when it comes to stereo playback at the lower price points but they don't seem to have A/B.

I wouldn't rule out second hand as you could get a high end amp from yesteryear with plenty of power and A/B and more likely in silver where all the components are aimed at audio reproduction rather than video processing and other features that you don't need.

Robbie F

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Hi JamzP :hiya:
My parents are both deaf in 1 ear (opposite ears, fortunately for them! :cool:)
and yet they BOTH enjoy the benefits of 5.1!
Just a suggestion mind but ... maybe (yes maybe) you WOULD benefit from 5.1 sound? There's maybe more to it than having two ears to listen through ... I'm NOT trying to sound condescending honestly. Could you maybe visit a dealer somewhere near you just to listen? Doesn't matter too much WHAT system you listen to, but just to see if you CAN see a difference before you part with cash?
I suggest this because it was my parents .... okay, okay my DAD (and I'm not in my 20's any more! :rotfl:) are the ones who got me started on quality sound.
As I stress, just a suggestion before you decide okay?

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