Recommend me a UPnP server???

Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Computers' started by -Matt-, Jun 13, 2009.

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    I'm looking for a simple program that will allow me to stream my computer's system audio via UPnP to my denon AVR4306.

    Note: I already have windows media player 11 installed and configured to share the music files. I can browse and play these on the avr4306 without any problems. That is not what I am trying to do here.

    If I can stream the system audio it will allow the sound from games, spotify etc to be played through the avr4306.

    Perhaps there is a way to add the denon as an audio device on the computer.

    Can anyone recommend a suitable program?

    FYI the network is as follows:

    Cable Internet > Airport extreme base station 1 (DHCP server)
    Lan cables to Windows Desktop and Linux server
    USB printer and harddrive

    802.11n link to Airport extreme base station 2 and Windows laptop

    From Basestation 2 (bridge) lan cables to AppleTV and DenonAVR4306

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