Recommend me a track where the artist is right in the middle of the sound stage

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Jun 13, 2006
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Can anyone recommend a track where it sounds like the artist is right in front of you "centre stage"

I used to have excellent imaging but got a new set of speaker cable today and have had to move my speakers to install the cables in to the stands and now my sound seems to of moved slightly to the left.

I've spent the last few hours toeing the speakers in and out but can't quite get it right. One or two tracks have the artist centre stage others have them over to the left slightly. I know that's how there recorded sometimes hence asking for a track where there right in the centre.

After starting the thread I think I've got it!

Not sure why but I've had to toe them in a little more than I did before using the older cable.

Just tried a bit of Diana Krall and Annie Lennox!

A bit of Birdy should confirm it but the sound stage seems pretty good again now :)
I find Adele should fit this bill too and she has a nice rich voice.
My system / room also seems slightly biased to the left on some recordings. Always has done. :confused:
I've toed them in quite a lot now and the imaging seems to be spot on now although I need to listen to a few more tracks and let the cable settle in.

I can't imagine the new cables effected the sound stage.
Have you ever thought about getting some sort of setup disc? I have a couple of CDs from my days in car audio competion and they're excellent for such circumstances. One of the "staging" tracks has a guy entering a recording studio from the far left, then he wanders round describing where he is in the room and what you should be listening out for.

When you get it spot it sends a tingle down your spine!
What's the cd or track called please Paul? Wouldn't mind giving that a try!
Forgot about things like that. Max power magazines used to be good for getting sound test cd's from or have a search on ebay for the max power cd's. Or maybe somehting like this but this looks more for frequencies than anything else.

When I used to do sound off's I used to have various tracks and cd's like this but dont htink I have anymore sadly.
I think its all sorted now thanks guys, managed to listen to a couple of more albums this afternoon and I'm pretty happy with the sound stage. Just listening to Adele 19's album and it sounds very good.
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a mono feed might help you sort this too
Pink noise signal will help.
There are several test CDs, where are tracks with pink noise signals on different frequencies - in normal and reverse, it is very good help in setting up and testing speakers.
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Pink noise signal will help.
There are several test CDs, where are tracks with pink noise signals on different frequencies - in normal and reverse, it is very goot help in setting up and testing speakers.

The last two discs I listed have that. I highly recommend all three. It all depends on what you're most interested in and looking for.
Mate, just crack open a beer after a shift....forget the kit and just enjoy the sound like me some 5 years back....never happy with something...and lost count the number of speakers moves, cable changes ect ect.

Same with the home cinema kit, I just watch the film and let the electronics and the speakers do their have very very good kit now...time to enjoy.

But some music recommendations for your new system...I see you already like Diana Krall....I personaly love the track Case of recording and it's sublime on a good set up.

Others....try Nils Lofgren - Keith Don't Go from his Acoustic Live's simply amazing and again well recorded and sounds fab on a good set up.

If you like Blues try Hans Theessink.
How does it sound now?

I always feel I have a left bias too, seemed to go away with the speakers firing straight but with them toed in the vocals sound more direct. I have to have more of a play.
robertseymour said:
Dire Straits - Private Investigations is always a good test of soundstage.

How odd is that? I was listening to that not two hours ago and thinking, "Knopfler's singing is right in the middle of the sound stage" which immediately got me thinking about this thread!
I toed my left speaker a few degrees more straight that the right, seemed to fix it for me.
I was talking to an audiologist the other day, and she said that most people have a very slight imbalance between their left ear and right ear, meaning that things often sound (slightly) clearer and louder in one ear over the other.
She also said that people who favour sleeping on one side often have a greater imbalance than those who sleep only on their back.

Also, and I mean no offence, but have you cleaned your ears out recently?

I find that if things sound a bit wrong in my system, they sound more right if I give my ears a good clean.........:lesson:;)
Assuming the hearing is reasonably balanced, speakers optimally positioned and recording is perfectly centred, any left or right bias in imaging are probably a result of early reflections that can be substantially improved with room treatment.
Yep I definitely get that effect in my living room. To my right is a solid wall that reflects a lot of treble sounds and extends the soundstage a long way to the right of the speaker on some recordings. Oddly this did not happen with my old speakers. To my left is curtained bay window which does not reflect sounds nearly so much. Music still sounds good though.

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