Recommend me a projector + screen for £500


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Hi all,

As the title suggests please could you advise (a newbie to projection) a projector and screen for around £500?

We have just bought a house and are awaiting it to be built so i thought might as well design where to put a projector and screen to go with my home cinema system in the lounge.

The mrs has agreed to the idea (surprisingly) but i have been asked to try and purchase white products so it blends in with the ceiling colour.

Thanks :thumbsup:
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Any suggestions guys?

I've been looking at the optoma 600x which comes in at 350ish new. I know it's not White but hey ho.

With 150 quid would I get a decent electronic screen?

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The 600x is ok - I've got the white version 67n . Its a budget model so you get budget performance. Personally, I wouldn't bother with a custom screeen with a budget PJ, but you can get an ok one for £150.

Be careful with throw distances / screen sizes as the 600x/67n has some leeway with zooming to fit a screen but not much. You don't want to digitally crop if you can help it. Also consider the acer h5360 - it has 3D built in.

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