Recommend me a headphone amp for under £ please!


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Complete newbie badly needing some advice. I've already got a Fiio E6 but I need something for my TV - the main reason being that the volume of my media player when connected to the TV is pretty quiet.

I've seen some decent reviews for the B-Tech BT928 as it can be easily modded and is pretty cheap.

Would the B-Tech be a better option for listening to the TV than my Fiio? I've also seen various Muse products such as this one:

MUSE Tube 6N11 Class A Headphone Amplifier + Pre-AMP | eBay

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated :D
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Well the muse will probably make things louder, but I wouldn't expect anything else. I doubt it's a real tube amp for that price. Also, amping the sound from your TV might not provide great results, if the source is poor, you'll hear it.


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I've read it's a DIY tube and requires some manual adjusting to remove 'hissing'.
I was a bit worried at this sentence of the listing; 'Note: Please wait at least 20 seconds before connecting your headphone to this amplifier or turning on your power amplifier.'

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