Recommend me a good set of headphones

Basically, when it comes to late night gaming, I end up having to turn the volume down to a level that I can't hear it properly.
So I'm looking a pair of headphones for use with my Panasonic TXP50G10B.

I don't know much about headphones, which is why I'm asking here.

Can someone recommend a decent pair for a reasonable price, please?


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Check out my sticky explaining the types of noise isolation headphones

You could also go for open headphones but they will leak sound. I think they are still OK if the people you are trying not to disturb are not in the same room

Do you need a mic? Or would you talking be a no-no?

There have been a number of gaming headphone/headset threads. See also the 360/PS3/PC section, depending on what you got
Should have been more specific in my original post.

I'll using them with my Xbox360, although they'll be plugged in through the TV headphone socket(Xbox is connected via HDMI).
Sound leakage would probably be a problem as any noise late at night is noticeable.
Sound quality is important, obviously.
I haven't really got room for extra equipment, such as an amp for the headphones, so something that's easily driven is a must.
A mic isn't important as I usually keep the volume low when I use a mic anyway. And I'm usually playing single player games anyway.
Length of cable needs to be at least the same as the cable that comes with the play and charge kit, as that is plenty long enough for the distance I sit from my TV/Xbox.

Edit: Just a quick skim through and I saw these for only £15 and no has said a bad word about them.
Does anyone here have any experience with them?
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