Recommend me a good entry level camera that does video too & can be used on Gimbal too.


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Hi all, I take drone footage for aerial videos and photos but want to take some more better ground shots. At the moment I use my iPhone 12 with a DJI Gimbal. Ideally I want to further down the line use it for indoor videos too maybe on a Gimbal so one that can do that, feel free to recommend a Gimbal too for it, not too expensive. Would like it to do good sound too incase I use it for interviews or video blogs etc and a nice optical zoom would be nice, or option to add extra lenses too to add zoom.

Any recommendations please.


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Unfortunately in my experience, none of the major gimbal manufacturers products will work with entry level cameras. I did a load of research bought & sent back various gimbals, but none were compatible with my Panasonic Bridge cameras or my Samsung A20 phone. I ended up with a Manfrotto MVG220, a0 because I liked the look of it & B0 I've always liked Manfrotto gear. With that I paired a Fuji XT30. It would work with the gimbal but only to fire the shutter for stills & video. The camera itself I didn't like, it was very small & didn't give the results my Panasonics give. So I sent that back, did a few experiments with the Panasonics & found I could shoot video & stills with them, although they aren't on Manfrottos recommended list. Eventually, I bought a Panasonic DCG100 as a simple carry around camera. I've used the Manfrotto gimbal once & it's back in the box, takes to long to set up, it's heavy & didn't give the results the DCG100 gave. So if you know someone who wants a Manfrotto gimbal in mint boxed condition, I may sell it on.
My advise after all that, check the gimbal manufacturers list of cameras their gimbal is compatible with. the email & ask them to confirm it. That was if it doesn't work with your camera you have grounds to return it.


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You seem to be primarily interested in video over stills so you might be better off asking in that forum?

I know that Panasonic's Micro 4/3rds cameras are often used for vogging. They're also good for stills and there's a wide range of lenses from Panasonic, Olympus and 3rd parties using that mount.
KaiManWong shoots a lot on their bodies but also reviews all kinds of gear so worth a look.

Cameras with inbuilt image stabilisation can cope with some movement so it depends what you're hoping to shoot - you may not need that gimbal.


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The obvious question first is what sort of budget do you have in mind? And what sort of zoom range are you thinking?

I am a huge fan of gimbals because they can offer video far beyond what a standard camera stabilisation system can offer (360 cameras can offer similar footage), after getting on well with phone and action camera gimbals I went down a similar path to what you're thinking of and I regret it. I went with the DJI Ronin-SC gimbal because it's one of the smaller ones but it's still really bulky and fiddly to set up and while it's a very good gimbal it didn't suit my use. I'm currently trying an Osmo Pocket 2 as it has a bigger sensor than the phone and a builtin wireless mic system but unfortunately no zoom.

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Beyond advising you to look out for bodies with IBIS (in built image stabilization) rather than just lens stabilization I dont have a lot to add.
Interesting how things change. You are not alone in coming from drones to stills/vid cameras, whereas not so long ago everyone into drones had come from stills/vid cameras.

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