Recommend me a game


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I've just finished playing Diablo 11 on the PC could any body recommend a similar sort of game


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Neverwinter nights is a great rpg with loads of depth and a brill story line. You can get it from play with all the expansion packs here:-


and here:-


I've not quite finished hordes yet myself but each game will give you about 30hrs each:)

if you didn't know diablo 2 has an expansion pack here:-


If your into rpg's and the starwars universe this is meant to be a great game (haven't got around to buying it myself yet):-


I'm playing far cry at the moment and highly recomend that if you like fps type games but you'll need quite a good machine to play it on.



I have played Diablo II since the first day it came out and still do plus the expansion pack (now on budget).
Of the games of a similar vain I enjoyed Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale. They both have the add-on’s with them also Bauldurs Gate 2 is good but not as much as the first one.


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Give Sacred a try, I'm not so much into RPG games but this is great! I haven't played Diablo to compare but I think this game is along those lines with baubles;) It isn't a too weighed down with stat screens which is cool with me as I'm not a hardcore gamer really and like to just get-in-there! Also it's well open for exploring and you can really take your own routes through the game. Search for a review and see what you think, I've a fellin you'd like it :smashin:


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Thanks again for all your ideas ,I've just ordered Sacred from play and shall be getting Neverwinter nights as soon as it is back in stock. I have Baldurs gate but could not get in to it i had trouble using the weapons and fighting I really should give it another go.
I really loved Dungeon Siege do you think there will be a sequel?
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